Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too Much Work and TV

Depending on the week I work 4 or 5 of the evenings.  This puts Christopher in charge of bath and bed.  Not a big deal.  Just the way it is.  But lately, even on my evenings home, bath and bed have still been Christopher's responsibility.  And if Bennett had his way, I wouldn't even be allowed to come close to the hallway during the whole process. 

Bennett has come to expect that Dad is in charge of this time of day.  If I initiate the process by saying 'Time for bath!' he will run to Christopher and say "No!  Daddy do it!"  I am fairly use to this as Harrison went through a similar stage where Daddy had to get him out of the car, help him get his coat on, read to him, etc.  But last night took a different turn when I went in for a good night kiss and Bennett said "No Swiper!  No swiping!"  Swiper is a fox on the show Dora the Explorer and he always gets in trouble for stealing things.  Dora and her friends say "Swiper, no swiping!  Swiper. no swiping!  Swiper, no swiping!" and then Swiper says "Oh, man!"  So I tried not to look hurt and I said "Oh man!" and went in for the kiss anyway.  It didn't work.  I got yelled at again and pushed away.  I gave him a big sad face and said that I wasn't stealing kisses and that I ALWAYS get good night kisses and gave him one anyway.  

Later all was redeemed when Bennett got out of bed and came into my bed to say 'I love you!'  I might have let him stay waaaay longer than I should have, but it was worth it! :)

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