Saturday, July 23, 2011


Two four year olds in a double bed. Two six year olds on the floor. One room... One dad... These are the minutes of their night.

8:15pm - in bed.

8:30 pm - First Kaitlyn gets up: "I need to go potty." Chris follows her in... In a whisper: "Can I have some privacy?"
Back to bed.

8:40pm - Second Harrison & James get up: Harrison - "I need to check my chore chart." This is random and odd. My opinion is that he is showing off! :)
Back to bed...

8:55pm - Third they ALL get up: James - "Bennett is flashing his flashlight in my eyes." Harrison: "Bennett is shining the flashlight in my eyes, too." Kaitlyn - "Uncle Chris, Bennett is shining the flashlight in my eyes, too. Chris: "Bennett?" Bennett: "Sorry..." Flashlight confiscated.
Back to bed...

9:10pm - Fourth Bennett gets up: "Kaitlyn is touching me."
Off to Mom and Dad's bed. "Is there music in here?" Smooth Jazz it is...

9:15pm - Fifth Bennett gets up: "The tv is moving." (The screen saver had come on...)
Back in bed...

9:30pm - SLEEP WINS

10:30pm - Bennett placed back into original bed.

10:35pm - Mom gets home, blogs and happily goes to bed knowing that she didn't have to deal with any of this!!!!

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