Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite moments

Our Yellowstone vacation was wonderful. The campfires, s'mores, driving and amazing sights are forever etched in our memories. I picked my two favorite memories to share.

Walk with Harrison - Harrison and I took a walk, just the two of us, down to the lake and around to the marina. Thoughts on tracks and scat were discussed and mosquitos were run from. But I can't think of anything better than taking a walk with my 6 year old and him wanting to hold my hand.

On the "beach" with Bennett - Bennett had a long day and didn't want to 'take another hike!' I had a 'yes' moment and told him "OK, let's stay behind." Harrison said I missed the "AMAZING Mustard Geyser", but instead I got a creek-side comedy 1/2 hour. Bennett and I went to the van and got the picnic blanket and the bag of Lucky Charms. We set up our mini-picnic right next to a wonderful stream and I enjoyed the immense imagination that only my 4 year old can have. Rocks turned into geyser-making machines and Lucky Charms turned into bear traps. If I could bottle his imagination and 'Charm' I would be in a millionaire in an instant.

Yellowstone is a magical place. And I am one lucky mom.

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