Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Zoo Tots

The Blank Park Zoo offers mini-camps for toddlers ages 2 - 4 through-out the year.  They are 1 hour sessions planned around a theme.  Harrison went to 3 this spring and last Saturday was his last.  He let me take him this time (Dad had done the previous two) because Dad was taking him to baseball practice after Zoo Tots.  What is it with dad's???
Anyway, he had fun at Zoo Tots.  This is him with a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  And the same teacher he had last winter/spring when he went.  I remember her thong and butt crack well.  She spends a lot of time bent over...  The dad's don't seem to mind, but I saw quite a few of the same dirty stares from the mom's.  Comical and inappropriate all in one.  

Speaking of Bennett - Harrison had his first baseball practice and Chris said it went great!  Harrison came home with a great big smile on his face and told me all about hitting the ball and meeting his team mates, one who is named Bennett.  "My brother's name is Bennett!"  He has one more practice this Saturday and then his first game on the 18th!  Can't wait!

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