Saturday, July 26, 2008

Carpet in the Kitchen

Honestly, who puts carpet in their kitchen!!!  Maybe you don't all realize this, but I hate my kitchen.  The cabinets are horrible, the stove is located in a place where I am sure someone will burn themselves just by walking by, the fridge is in the entryway and did I mention that it is carpeted?!!!  Anyway, I dropped 4 eggs on the floor this morning and now there is another giant spot I am trying to get out.  "Why don't you redo the kitchen or even just the floor?"  Well, it's so nice that you asked.  First of all, MONEY and secondly the floor is uneven so it would need ripped out down to areas that I know nothing about.  Someday, maybe...

Not much going today.  The weather was actually beautiful.  We have been getting a lot of rain and it has been crazy humid but today was not so bad.  The boys spent most of the day with Chris.  He got the weed eater out this morning and Bennett went crazy bouncing up and down.  Just like Harrison!  So they sat and watched Chris work for a long time.  I went out to see what was going on and decided to pick a few weeks and Harrison yelled at me because 'Mooommm!  Dad has the weed eater out!  Don't pick those!'  He's so helpful.

Harrison, Bennett and I went to the Science Center last Saturday.  It was pretty fun.  Harrison is getting into the parts where you connect the fact that something he just did caused something else to react.  This was very evident with the ball wall.  He kept moving all of the parts and then putting a ball down the basket to see where it would go this time.  It was great to watch.  Bennett stuck to the basics.  More WATER!!!  We also dug for dinosaur bones and saw a what I think was a T-Rex but it might have been a giganotosaurus.  This is new since I was studying dinosaurs.  Maybe I should keep up on things like this!  It might be important for a mom to know!

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