Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boys in tuxedo's!

I love a boy in a tuxedo!  Since Harrison was in Marc and Emily's wedding last Saturday we needed to be there for the rehearsal and dinner on Friday night.  Chris took the day off and we headed towards Fort Dodge at 12:00 pm to get a good start and hopefully have naps in the van on the way.  After stopping to pick up the babysitter (we brought Jessica along for the whole weekend.  Brilliant!), stopping for ice, stopping to pick up another tux shirt for Harrison, stopping for drinks and snacks, stopping to drop off the dog at mom and dad's, going back to drop off cord adapters for the dvd player (random), stopping in the street to talk to Randy, Great Gpa and Gma, we were finally on our way by about 2:30 pm.  Holy cow!!!  We got to Fort Dodge around 3:30 pm and got checked into the hotel and then Nathan, Harrison, James and I went to the rehearsal.  The boys did really well.  They held hands and everything as they walked down the aisle.  The whole experience would have been great except that the flower girl was a pistol.  She got the boys all fired up and they were running around like chickens sans heads.  Finally we were able to go to the dinner.  Meredith, Jessica, the kids and I left early which ended up being a real bummer.  I think I missed my only opportunity in life to drink off of my Uncle Randy's dime.  I guess the keg they got went dry and since there is naturally a bar attached Randy set up a tab.  Damn my bad luck!! :)

The day of the wedding was a little chaotic for us.  The wedding was at 1:30 pm but the boys had to be there at 9:30 am for pictures.  Well - Nathan got out the door on time (because he only got himself ready!) but Meredith, the boys and I were running a little behind.  James was not having anything to do with his tux.  And Harrison being the follower he has become was acting a little defiant as well.  
But finally we were on our way.  We got there and they were running behind.  Go figure!  With lots of candy filled bribery pictures went well.  Then there was the waiting game.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  The flower girl did ok on this day in my opinion.  And that is only because I am sneaky.  Soon after the pictures were done for the boys I asked Harrison (alone) if he wanted to go outside.  Of course he said yes and out the door we went!  That left Meredith inside with the little cherub and James so I didn't have to deal with the loudness and such.  Hehe :)  Meredith soon found us but only after she firmly said no to the girl.  She was not coming with!  I do have to say, she really was quite sweet and cuter than a button.  Just a little guidance would do!  When it was finally time to walk down the aisle we were out of bribery, but they did just fine.  I don't have many pictures of the boys in their tux's.  I let Meredith get her pro-camera out and take the good ones so we will have to wait until they get back to Florida for her to post those.

The double wedding turned out to be very nice.  It was very well organized and only really dragged out a little because it was Catholic.  Which is fine, just not my cup of tea.  Emily made me cry when she said her vows and the music selection was great.  I loved the guitar!  I missed the rest of the wedding as I took my boys outside after the lighting of the unity candle.  Harrison was doing fine, but Bennett had enough sitting around.  Mass just got too long.  After the wedding we got some good naps in and were off to the reception.  The food was great and the place was packed.  Emily again made me cry when she made her speech at the wedding.  She said the appropriate thank you's for coming and thank you's to the parents, but then she teared up and thanked Marc for being such a good guy and sticking with her through all of the bad times.  It was just so touching watching her look at him.  They are going to have a fabulous life together.  Although at this moment they are not my favorite people.  I don't like anyone who is in Hawaii having fun on there honeymoon when I am stuck here in hot humid July Iowa. :)

Meredith, Chris and Jessica took the kids back to the hotel and the real fun began.  Let's just say we won't be having that much real fun again for a very long time.  Getting into bed at 2:45 am and then having your natural alarm clock wake you up at 5:45 am and then your children keeping you up at 6:15 am is enough of a deterient for me!  I think everything would have been fine if I hadn't had that fish sandwich from McDonald's at 2:15 am.  Yuck, what was I thinking?!

The reception was eventful for me.  I got to see quite a few people I don't normally get to see and I got to hang out with Nathan and Meredith which we never go out and just hang, just the 4 of us.  It was great.  The dancing was great.  The DJ played a lot of good music.  Marc and Emily had a dollar dance and Nathan felt obliged to go have a spin around the dance floor.  I wonder who led?  One thing that was kind of fun was that Marc brought his video camera along and let other people tape the reception at different times.  It might have been a mistake to give it to certain people.  The outcome should be fun to watch!  You can visit Meredith's blog to get her take on the whole weekend.

And then Sunday morning, Kaitlyn reminded us that it was time to go home.  Isn't she sweet?!!!  Weekends like this make me wish people would get married over and over, but to the same people of course.  I just like to be in those comfortable crowds.  I guess I miss going to all of the random weddings back home that we always went to just to hang out with each other.  Of course next time I won't be as selfish and I will let Harrison stay out way past his bedtime and boogie-woogie on the dance floor with us! 

Oh - I forgot - Chris calls me at 12:30 pm on the day of the wedding.  "Do you know where I can get a tie?"  Are you kidding?  He forgot his tie!  ell, needless to say he didn't have a tie for the wedding.  So, Sunday morning, my grandmother and I are enjoying some conversation and Christopher's missing tie comes up.  She says (and I'm not making this up) "Isn't that the wife's job?".  I was polite and just smiled, but really, Grandma...

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