Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gma and Gpa Neipert

A visit from Gpa and Gma is always fun for the boys.  Bennett's obsession with Gpa continues and has led to an obsession of Gma for Harrison.  He wanted her to play legos, play hide and seek, come see this, come see that.  And I don't think she minded (she loves him!) but it had to of wore her out a bit.  I was mentally exhausted from hearing him call her name over and over!

We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.  We can't get enough of the food!  We had our normal Breakfast Burritos and Dutch Letters but added Breakfast Pizza and Egg Rolls to our plate.  I like the breakfast pizza better than the burrito so I think we will get both from now on and share!  The boys got to ride on their first Farmer's Market train ride.  And I do mean boys.  
Isn't Chris so cute?!  Bennett is at an age where he thinks that getting to hold  the wheel is the best thing since breast milk.  He turns the wheel back and forth, back and forth while laughing.  I did tell Harrison that I thought this might be the only week that the train was at the Farmer's Market.  This way we don't have to ride it every week.  Aren't I an awful parent?! 

Gpa bought Harrison a new book at Barnes and Noble.  I love that store!  Hours and hours I could spend there.  The new book is called Cars and Trucks and Things That Go and is by Richard Scarry.  It was cute in the store because he had picked it up walked with me to find someone who could help me find a book I was looking for.  Well he had just sat down when a lady appeared to show me where the book was and he said 'Geez - I just sat down to read!'  He was so frustrated!  When we got home, Gma and Harrison sat down to read.  There is a character in the book that 'hides.'  His name is Goldbug and you have to find him on each page, kind of like Where's Waldo.  It was cute to hear Harrison say "Where are you, Goldbug?'

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