Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Go, go, go!

Bennett can say go now.  While he is waiting his turn to get onto the slide, he says 'Go, go, go, go, go' and then when he gets to the top he stops.  I think that means he knows what he is saying!  He is also saying it when Harrison is playing with him and he wants him to leave.  Go!  Go!  Go!  Go!'  And it is in a little angry voice.  It is so cute.  

So Miles is doing this 'flying baby' thing at my house today.  He had his arms and legs all off the ground and was just looking around smiling.  It is so cute.  Claudia had to go back to work yesterday (kids start on Thursday) which is unlucky for her and very lucky for ME!  And of course, after I had him all day, he didn't sleep all night!  I am such a bad babysitter.  They are normally giving him 4, 8 oz bottles a day.  Well he had his 4th bottle at 3:30 pm at my house and then wouldn't eat very much before he went to bed, soooo he woke up at 2:30 am hungry.  Andy did mention that he had a very explosive poop and while Claudia was changing him (at 2:30 am remember) he decided he wasn't done and it ended up on the walls!  Again, unlucky for Claudia, but maybe lucky for me as he already had his poop for the day!!!

Miles is great.  He has turned into a pretty easy baby.  He likes to play on the floor and goes to sleep on his own.  He loves the Johnny Jump-Up!  Neither one of my kids ever liked to play in it but Miles just bounces up and down for almost 20 - 30 minutes before he gets tired of being in there.  The only con about Miles is that he likes to be held a lot.  But can you really call that a con? :)  Oh - and Bennett keeps trying to pick Miles up.  I haven't completely figured this all out but Bennett will walk over to Miles on the floor and pull on his sides.  Sometimes it is just his clothes and sometimes he gets ahold of his side and Miles kind of rolls a little.  It is really cute.  We will have to see if this continues.  Hmmmm.

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