Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So this afternoon, I got Miles out of bed and started changing his diaper, when I gasped and said, 'SHIT.'  What did I do to Miles?  My own kids get hurt enough.  There, on Miles' knee was blood.  How did he get hurt and what was I going to tell Andy and Claudia?  'Miles can't crawl yet, but he has a skinned knee.'  This was my initial, 3 second reaction.  After seconds 4 and 5 I realized that he had somehow gotten cherry jelly on his knee.  THANK GOD!  I realize that someday Miles will inevitably get hurt under my watch, but not before he can even move!  Goodness sakes, cherry jelly!

On to other injuries - Harrison has the cutest habit.  Sometimes Bennett wakes up before Harrison and then proceeds to wake Harrison up.  Well, instead of coming out of their room, Harrison will get in bed with Bennett.  Bennett is still in his crib so they will play in there for awhile and then I come in to get them and they are both standing up smiling and looking at me.  It is too cute for words.  Sometimes they are both jumping on the mattress.  So cute.  Anyway, Sunday, I had gotten Bennett out of the crib and was walking out the door while Harrison was climbing out of the crib onto the changing table.  (He does this, by himself, all of the time.)  Once he got to the changing table he must have lost his balance and he went head first onto the floor.  All I heard was a big thump followed by silence, followed by a hurt scream.  I put Bennett down and ran back into the bedroom and his forehead had already turned blue.  Luckily, he only walked crooked for about an hour.

And then, as if Bennett has not taken enough blows to the head already... on Monday my mom was coming out the front door to help me pick cherries and she said "He'll be ok here won't he?" and I said yes.  He has climbed down those front steps at least 100 times.  I am not exaggerating.  As soon as she got under the tree and started picking cherries,  he summersaulted down the stairs.  He ended up with his first puffy eye.  He hit the side of the eye brow and scraped under the eye.

Now you know why I momentarily freaked out when I saw 'blood' on Miles' knee. I am thinking about putting rubber down everywhere!

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