Thursday, July 3, 2008

Are we cherried out yet?

So the cherry tree in the front yard is still a great hit.  Today I was picking cherries so that mom can make cherry jelly when Bennett decided to come help.  I was on the ladder and he wanted to come up as well.  He would climb up the first rung and then go back down.  Climb up again and then back down.  Around the 5th time of doing this he decided to go for the 2nd rung.  The ladder shook a little because I was reaching for a branch and I think he actually got a little scared.  Down he went and he didn't come back.  He did, however, park himself below the ladder and must have had quite a sour treat.  Look at the war paint!  This picture is even funnier because my niece, Kaitlyn does a funny face for the camera that looks just like this!  Chris asked Bennett to smile for the camera and Kaitlyn's face came out!  How fun.

As far as climbing goes, Bennett is on everything.  He has 'found' the child sized table and chairs and loves to sit at the table like a big boy.  He reads books there and has his snack there.  It is great!  He has also decided to climb up on adult size chairs with out the use of anything to help him.  He hasn't gotten back on the table but the chips and salsa episode a few months ago is still in our minds (Bennett used his booster chair to climb upon the chair which he used to climb upon the table.  He then sat in the middle of the kitchen table eating chips and salsa.  He is quite a good dipper!).  He hasn't figured out how to climb up onto the couch all by himself yet; he still uses Maddie for that feat!  Today he fell down the front steps and scratched up his back and forehead.  I am patiently waiting for the first ER visit.  It can't be far away!

I just asked Harrison what he liked doing today and he thought..."Mama, can you tell me what was 'citing for me today?"  Love that kid!

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