Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birth of the Harrison Blues

Harrison received lots of Legos for his 3rd birthday back in December and played with them continually until he lost interest around April.  Now, the enjoyment of building blocks has resurfaced and it has brought to us 'The Blues.'  Yesterday, Harrison had built a tower.  It was a tower so big that the top was actually about 2 feet above his head.  Gma helped put the top on.  He had built this same tower several times over the past few days and it was an unstable, wobbly thing that was prone to fall over at a whim.  Well, Bennett happened by and suddenly there were Legos everywhere.  For those of you who know my child fairly well, you know he has quite the temper.  But not on this day.  On this day he hung his head, shook a little and just said why with a quivering lip.  As I carted Bennett off to another activity Harrison began his rebuilding process.  It was during this process that I discovered Harrison's talent with 'The Blues.'  It goes a little like this "Oh, I'm so sad, sad, sad.  Just so sad, sad. sad.  Why am I so sad, sad, sad?  Just so sad, sad, sad.  At this point my mom and I left the room so as not to disturb his poetics (as we started laughing quite hard!).  I built a tower and Bennett knocked it down.  Just so sad, sad, sad.  Oh, I'm so sad. sad, sad.  Why did Bennett have to knock down my toooooooooower?  My toooooower.  I'm just so sad, sad, sad.  I really need to start keeping the video camera in my pocket!

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Tome said...

That is too cute. Why get angry when you can express your emotions through song?