Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The best mom I've ever met

I am sorry to say that I can not recall the first time Harrison told me that I was the best mom he had ever met.  I do know that he was drifting off to sleep when he first said it and I was so thankful that he didn't see the tears come to my eyes.  How sweet was he and how lucky was I?  He now tells me that I am the best mom he has ever met every now and again.  Today he picked a moment where I was laughing at the great way that Bennett and Harrison were playing together.  They were having such a good time when he came up and hugged me and told me again that I was the best mom he had ever met.  I again felt privileged to be his mom and hugged him back tightly.  After sharing this cute and endearing comment with my husband, mom and dad, I now wonder what will happen to me when he finds that 'best mom' as I am just the best he has met (so far!).  So to all of the moms that he has met so far 'HA' and to all of the moms he has yet to meet, stay away! :)

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