Wednesday, July 23, 2008


When Harrison was born my mom got him a teddy bear blanket and the tag says "Hi!  My name is Billy."  Mom got James one as well and he was a puppy and his name was Rich (I think).  When Kaitlyn was born, Meredith's mom got Kaitlyn Kami and she was a pastel colored bear. Well, when Bennett was born I knew that I wanted one for him just like Billy, Rich and Kami.  I found Douglas.  Douglas would not have been my first choice.  He is white, for one thing.  He is a puppy and has baby blue trim and again, is white.  I didn't really want a comfort item for Bennett that would get dingy after many washes, but so far it has held up really well.  And Bennett LOVES Douglas.  We don't really let him bring Douglas out of his crib so the only time he gets to spend with him is in bed during naps and at night.  Every time I lay him down he hands me Douglas and I have to say hello and give Douglas a hug and then snuggle him into Bennett's neck.  And if I don't do that or forget, Bennett will remind me!  A couple weeks ago, while we were in Fort Dodge for Marc and Emily's wedding it was soooo cute to watch Bennett walking around with Douglas.  I can't even describe why it was cute, it just was.  The brand name for these is My Banky and they have the head and arms attached to a blanket and then the tail/body at the other end.  They are so cute!  I even got Miles one when he was born - it's name is Paddy and he is a frog!

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