Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Splash, splash

So today it was off to the Union Park wadding pool.  Now, before you ask - 'Are you crazy?  Three kids all by yourself?!'  I wasn't supposed to be by myself.  Meredith became ill and James was not wanting to get out of bed so the troops from Ames didn't come down.  I had already told Harrison about our plans for the day so I when I told him James wouldn't be coming down, his little lip quivered and he cried.  And then I told him we would stay home today, he sobbed.  I was over come by his poor little heart.  Getting there was easy.  There is really never a problem getting children ready to go swimming.  Out the door we went.  Getting home was another issue.  Wet suits and children who can not dress themselves was my biggest worry.  But, fun was had by all and very little crying was witnessed.
Harrison had a blast.  He was the hardest to keep track of.  He stayed by me really well, but still had the occasional run off to the deep end (1 1/2 feet!).  Harrison's favorite part was the sprinkler's.  He loves running through them and watching all of the other kids do it made him want to do it more.  When we first got there he would run in and then run back over to Miles and laugh in his face.  Miles cracked up each time.  

Bennett took a little while to warm up to the idea of the sprinklers and he never really giggled with glee like Harrison but he did have a good time.  A couple of months ago we put Bennett in the shower with Chris and he just went manic.  His eyes got huge, he had trouble breathing and he just screamed hysterically.  Well, not much has changed since then.  He cries every time we turn the sprinkler on in the back yard.  Today was better, but I think it will take some getting older before we can expect much more from him.
Miles on the other hand would have been just like Harrison if he could have motated!  I put his feet in the water and BIG smile.  I put his hand and arm in the sprinkler and BIG giggle.  I wish someone could have taken his picture as I was holding him!

It was a fun time and when Chris got home tonight, Harrison told him everything.  He ended his story with: "And Dad, you'll never believe.  Mom let us have lunch on the floor on the porch.  Isn't that funny?!"

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