Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Life as a Zoo

Harrison had his 3rd day of Zoo Camp today.  He has a blast at camp.  He likes his teachers, especially Katelyn.  We have talked a lot about his cousin Kaitlyn and his teacher Katelyn.  And I guess there is another camper named Kaitlyn.  Too fun.  On Monday they got to feed the giraffes crackers and Harrison said the giraffe almost touched his hand with it's tongue but didn't.  He also made a finger print snake.  What he really couldn't stop talking about was the 'tomingos.'  I love the way he says flamingos.    It is so kidish and Harrison's words are so not kidish most of the time.  It makes me smile.  On Tuesday he got to see the lions and tigers and monkeys.  He told me all about how the one mama lion was sitting on a log and how the other mama lion was drinking water and walking around and how the Mufasa lion was walking around too but he wasn't thirsty so he didn't drink.  And they didn't get to see any cubs.  It was so fun to listen to him tell me about his day.  And he was so proud!  On that day he made a snake.  When I came to pick him up he had a tube sock on his arm and it was decorated and had a tongue on it.  He kept saying "Snakes say sssssssssss." :)  Today when I came to pick him up he smiled really big and whispered "I have a secret!"  "We rode the traaaaiiin!"  How happy he was!  Every morning Harrison has been hesitant to go to Zoo Camp.  I get the feeling that he thinks he is missing something by leaving the house.  He never has any trouble with me leaving him at camp such as crying or carrying on, he just keeps saying that he wants to stay home.  But, then he goes and has a wonderful time!  We will see what tomorrow brings.  

I have had a funny week so far with all kinds of kids.  On Monday, Ian's dad called and asked if it would be possible to watch him for the day.  Ian is a school ager that I watch after school during the school year.  He has some anger management issues that I won't get into, but is an overall good kid.  We had horrible storms the night before and were without power.  I guess Ian's camp was also with out power so they were closing for the day.  I said that was fine.  In the mean time Miles was not feeling well so he was staying home with Andy for the day.  OK.  Monday done.  Tuesday brought another school ager to the house.  Chris' boss, Bob has a daughter named Suzie.  She is here this week from Cedar Rapids and is coming to play with us.  So on Tuesday, it was Miles, Suzie, Harrison and Bennett.  On Wednesday, Ian's brother, Quinn needed a ride to Zoo Camp - he was going this week as well - so since my mom wasn't here, Quinn, Suzie, Harrison, Bennett, Miles and I all piled into the car for our trip to the zoo.  Andy thought he was watching a circus.  But it's just my everyday life as a zoo!  None of this would even be that big of a deal, but this is the first week all summer  that I have had to drive somewhere everyday, twice a day - the zoo.  Oh well - next week we will try and stay home, maybe. :)

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