Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dew Fairies

We were outside watering the new bushes and the conversation went like this...

Harrison - "Is it going to rain tonight?"
Me - "No, I don't think so."
Harrison - pause..."Are the dew fairies going to come and make the deck wet tonight?"
Me - "Probably so."
Harrison - pause..."Have you ever met a dew fairy?"
Me - "No, I haven't."
Harrison - pause - thinking..."I have."
Me - "You have?!  Where?!
Harrison - "At the old house."
Me - "Are they nice?"
Harrison - "Yes, they are nice and friendly.  And they live where the honey bees live."
Me - "Oh, I never knew that."
Harrison - "Yeah - I did.  They are friendly to everybody even though the honey bees have stingers.  The honey bees won't hurt the dew fairies."
Me - "Oh."
Harrison - "Water the rock.  That rock is big!  It's as big as a wolf!"

So, the back story on dew fairies is this - my mom and Harrison were outside one morning a few weeks ago and Harrison was commenting on how wet the grass was.  So my mom told him the dew fairies had been here and ever since then he would wake up and ask her about them.  "Were the dew fairies here last night?"  I can't believe that he said that he met them.  And at our old house.  That is hysterical!  What a kid!  And the story ended just about as quickly as it came about.

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