Friday, August 1, 2008

This is delicious!

So, this morning, Miles had a doctor's appointment so he wouldn't be here until 11:00 or so.  I was feeling a little restless so I asked Harrison if he wanted to go to the mall.  'The mall?!  YES!  YES!  YES!'  I guess that meant he would be willing to go along if Bennett and I choose to go.  We arrived at said mall and 8:02 am.  There, greeting us at the door was Van and Bonnie.  Van and Bonnie are local radio personalities for WHO.  I don't listen to them (KGGO rocks!) but I am familiar with them.  I guess they were doing a promotion of some sorts and before I knew it both Bennett and Harrison had AE ice cream sandwiches in their hands.  Oh good, ice cream at 8 in the morning!  SUGAR!  Harrison couldn't stop talking about how good the ice cream sandwiches were.  "I am a lucky boy!  This is delicious, mama.  Why haven't I had these before?'  All comments that meant he wouldn't be coming to the grocery store with me anytime soon!  Luckily, we were going to just the place to wear off the unneeded energy.  The mall play place is fabulous.  And it is even more fabulous at 8:00 am when your 2 children are the only 2 there!  Harrison pretended he was a dragon and had claimed the castle as his own until Bennett discovered that he could get to the top as well and then Harrison decided that he was the king and Bennett was his servant.  Together they would slay the dragon!  How fun the imagination of a 3 year old.

Upon returning home I realized that Bennett had taken the house keys out of my purse (he likes to wear them as a necklace) and we were locked out.  I saw him take them, but some how I managed to leave them at the mall.  Luckily for us, we don't lock our windows and Harrison knows just how to break in!  Ahhh, the upbringing of a house thief!

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