Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zucchini Bread

We never seem to run out of things to do at our house.  We did sidewalk chalk a couple of days ago and then played in the water table (Will's FAVORITE place) yesterday and today had to settle for being in the house having car races in the dining room because of the rain.  

The weather has been so great.  I love have the house open all of the time.  And my garden is just over flowing with things for the dinner table.  Beets, green beans and tomatoes abound.  Carrots are slow going, but they are on their way.  The zucchini is doing great as well.  You would have thought Harrison had won the lottery today when he found out we got to finally make zucchini bread.  Oh, the excitement!! :)  (I am most proud of myself.  I didn't have to look zucchini up in the dictionary!)

While I was picking green beans in the garden on Monday I had turned my back on Will, Bennett and Harrison.  I saw them getting together some shovels and buckets but when I finally turned to see what they were up to it was too late.  Will and Bennett both had baths and Will had his clothes washed before his parents could see what a mess I had made of him!  This picture doesn't show how dirty his face was!  What fun they all had!

Other new news:

Harrison is getting his way with his hair at the moment.  It is really cute.  It is long and shaggy and starting to turn up in all of the right places.  But - it is really getting in his eyes.  Yesterday, Chris told him it was time to get it trimmed and he said "No, Andy likes it!"  He was so matter of fact about the whole thing.  If Andy likes my hair why would I change it?  What a goof!

Harrison's preschool teacher came Monday for a home visit.  It was great.  Her name is Miss Margaret and Harrison loved her.  He hid under the table for the first 3- 4 minutes she was here but then he went to grab "Cracko Barrel" (I will fill you in later) and everything was great from there.  She brought a puppet (a dog) named Spot and they read Spots First Day At School.  And you know Harrison loves anyone who reads to him!  He's looking forward to his first day.

Bennett is all over the place.  He runs like a mad man, flailing his arms and screaming.  So much for Harrison as a role model.  Two screamers!

Bennett's vocabulary is growing, but slowly.  He says hear and mom now.  It is so cute to hear him call Chris dada and me mom.  Funny.  It is soooo interesting to watch Will and Bennett.  I DON'T compare them.  But I don't think Will or Bennett is more vocal than the other, but they are vocal in different ways.  Will can say 'B' words.  Boom, ball, bye, etc and Bennett so does not have that sound down.  It is fun watching them together.  Did I mention they are 6 days apart from each other.  Too fun!

Bennett did have his 15 month well baby appointment last week.  He is well!  He still has a slight heart murmur but nothing to be concerned about.  The most positive thing about his appointment was that he is not off the charts in his size.  But he is close!  He is in the 5th percentile in weight.  What a little bugger!  He is in the 25th percentile in height and 50th in head size.  He had 4 shots and one of them (MMR) is coming back to haunt us this week.  He has been running a fever around 101.6 and just tonight after his bath I noticed the little spots on his belly.  Weird how an immunization can have a side effect 9 days later.

Will and Miles are doing great.  Will is starting to get comfortable at the house and is really starting to enjoy himself more.  There are more giggles and laugh and such.  He and Harrison are so funny when they get each other started going BOOM!  Harrison likes the way Will brings his arms down when he says it.  Miles ought to just crawl and get it over with.  I remember Harrison doing this.  We thought he was going to crawl for about 3 months before he ever did!  I know it won't take Miles that long though!  

Quote of the week goes to none other than Harrison:  "Miles, you ARE the funniest kid I have ever met!"

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