Saturday, August 2, 2008


Harrison went on his first official golf outing today.  He has gone golfing many times before, just never with clubs!  Chris, Harrison and my dad went out to Jester Park and played 18 holes.  Harrison had a great time.  He 'whacked it' (his terminology) and putted the ball.  What a little man he is!  Things that Chris wants to remember:

1.  Chris was just getting ready to putt the ball when Harrison said "Daddy, try and hit it in the hole."  Good advice!
2.  My dad was putting a 10 footer and Harrison clenched his fist and said "Yeeesssss!" when it went in the hole.  
3.  Harrison decided that he wanted to be the one driving the cart and Chris had to chase him down to stop the cart.  Harrison was a little surprised that he had done that.  Curious minds three years olds have!  

They had a great time!  I just wish I would have sent the camera.

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