Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coffee Drinkers Unite

I am a woman of many talents and responsibilities.  One of those responsibilities (talents!) is to watch children.  

Now, sometimes, when I am lucky, said children all sleep at the same time.  Today started out as one of those days.  But after an hour Will decided that he had enough slumber and wanted to join me in my bad habit of occasionally watching Days of Our Lives.  (Love that show!)  Anyway, he soon got bored with that so we went to the kitchen to play.  I started doing some dishes and cutting a watermelon while Will decided it was time to play with some pots and pans from the lazy susan.

Again, it is my responsibility to watch children.  But, nature calls.  After relieving myself in the little girls room I stopped to watch John tell Marlena that he really loved her and that she should go home with him to the DiMera mansion not the penthouse.  Very gripping stuff!  Anyway, while watching Marlena tell John that he would never be the old John again and that she didn't love the new John I noticed that the banging of pots and pans had stopped.  Off to investigate...
Will had taken the coffee from the lazy susan, figured out how to open it and then dumped the entire (it was only half full) jar onto himself, the pots, and the floor (carpeted floor!).  I have been taking care of Will for only about 2 weeks now and this is the second trip to the bath he has had.  And to top off the whole ordeal - after his bath I obviously had to get the vacuum out and Will hates that vacuum.  I think it scares him.  Poor guy, a quicky bath and then a noisy vacuum.   

Now where are those children? 

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