Thursday, August 14, 2008


My kids keep growing.  Harrison puts more information together than I can stand.  If he tells me he is frustrated one more time I might slap him.  "Mom, you are frustrating me."  "Mom, can you please leave me alone right now, I am frustrated with Bennett."  Urrrgggg!

Bennett won't stop climbing.  He now has the foresight to stand in the living room, think about what he wants to do and then reason a way to do it.  For example, usually he uses Maddie to climb onto the couch.  Today she was lying on her bed and not available to be used as a step.  He looked at her, looked at the couch and then left the living room.  Minutes later he arrived back in the living room carrying/pushing his booster seat.  He then positioned it where he wanted it and climbed onto the couch.  His smile could not have been bigger.  How proud of himself was he?  He clapped, that's how proud he was.  Just like Little Tom Horner!

My other boy (Miles!) is growing as well.  He moves all over the living room at the moment.  Al-be-it backwards!  Soon he will be moving forwards and the real fun for him will begin.  I am going to have to mop my floors more often now!

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