Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yesterday was my mom's ## birthday.  We went to Ames today to celebrate.  First it was off to Perkins for lunch.  Mom's choice...  After pulling into the parking lot, we found 20 or so people outside waiting to get in.  Onto Village Inn.  After finding 15 - 20 people in the lobby there we settled on El Azteca.  Everyone but Mom and Harrison had wanted to go there in the first place!

After lunch, we headed out to Reiman Gardens.   They have a wonderful Butterfly Garden there and in true Christopher fashion - he hasn't been.  Chris gets left out of everything in Ames.  New restaurant?  Sure!!  Oh, Chris has to work.  Let's go anyway!  But, Chris got to come along this time and he loved the gardens.  Harrison loved running on all of the paths and also showing Bennett all of the butterfly's. 
We stopped for a photo op in a whale made out of sticks.  This is about the time Harrison made us doubt our decision to head on to our next destination.  Notice the scowl he is wearing.

Next destination?  Cyclone Fan Fest!  This was the 3rd annual Fan Fest and we are a little interested in what we might find.  It was located in the new indoor practice facility and none of us had seen the inside.  It was very large.  And I don't say that to sound dumb, but it was made to play in.  I think a kicker could kick as hard as he wanted and not really worry about coming in contact with the ceiling. 

Anyway, what we weren't expecting were all of the lines.  They had sports set up around the field and there were lines to try all of them.  Kicking a soccer ball with the women's soccer team, bumping and setting with the volleyball team, having a photo with Cy, etc.  When we got there, Harrison wanted to nothing but go to the bounce house.  Do you think it was the longest line in the place?  Correct.  

We waited in line for almost 45 minutes and right when it was Harrison's turn to get  Not going to do it.  Scared because he wanted me to go in with him.  I almost snapped.  But, wonderful mom that I am, I yanked him off the walk way and took him over to the side.  We watched thru the mesh window and he finally said he would try.  

Does he look like he is having fun?!!!  Urgggggggg!!!!!  45 minutes!  Bennett amused himself as he often does, by rolling around on the floor.  Cutie!

We ended the birthday celebration with an ice cream cake at Mom and Dad's and then a nice car nap.  I love sleeping children!

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