Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's that time of year again and I couldn't be happier.  I love the thankful season.  It feels good to be grateful for something on a daily basis.  I feel overall that I am grateful for what I have and I look forward to having a great excuse for documenting what my family is grateful for as well.

Me: I am thankful for my love of cooking.  And the Pioneer Woman.  Maybe.  Butter...

Christopher: I am thankful for a Dunkin' Donuts in Des Moines.

Harrison: I am thankful to be studying maps in school.  I love learning all of the states.

Bennett: I am thankful for recess.  I will probably be thankful for recess tomorrow, too!

Miles: I am thankful for Barack Obama.

Annabelle: I am thankful for Barack Obama signs.  Mommy has one, you have one, I like them.

Rocco is thankful for Eleanor's forehead.  He must think that it tastes REAL good!

Eleanor is thankful for rolling over.  Today I set her on her tummy to go get Rocco and I when I came back she was on her back!

Past thankfulnesss

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Kari said...

Hahahaha!! ROCCO eating Eleanor's head!!! Beth I LOVE when you do these!!!!!!!!