Thursday, November 8, 2012


The sun lay like a friendly arm across her shoulder. ~ Margorie Kinnan Rawlings, South Moon Under

I am thankful for my friend Shannon and her little boy Hudson.  They come over for lunch on Thursday's and we are so grateful to have them.  Hudson has had a tough 18 months of life and is struggling with wanting to eat.  We were having mac and cheese and he was having some puffs.  He kept reaching for Miles' plate so I got him some of his own.  He didn't eat any, but he played with his spoon and tried to get some on his spoon and tasted his spoon that had sauce on it.  Shannon was so happy.  I can't imagine the struggles and joys that she goes through on a daily basis, but am blessed to be part of their journey.  

Christopher: I am thankful for Shepherd's Pie.

Harrison: I am thankful for Harry Potter.  It is a GREAT set of books.

Bennett: I am thankful for Douglas.  I am glad he still loves me.

Miles:  I am thankful that I get to be Super Star next week.

Annabelle: I am thankful for my house.  It is red.  I like that.

Rocco is thankful for his Dad.  Just ask him.  He will say 'Da. Da. Dadadadada. Da.'

Eleanor is thankful for Harrison.  Everyday when he gets home from school he gets her out of her car seat and sits on the couch holding her propped up on his knees and legs.  Today he pretended she won a cage match and he lifted her little arms in victory saying 'And the winner is... EJ!'  Yesterday he blew raspberries at her and she blew them back at him.  She is very lucky to have such a great big cousin!

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