Friday, January 16, 2009

T.V. take 2

This really has to stop.  

Today while watching Beverly Hills 90210 (I know, no excuses from me) Harrison asked me where that was (referring to the mall the girls were shopping in).  This is the conversation that followed:

Me - "Beverly Hills."

Harrison - "Where's that?"

Me - "California."

Harrison - "I want to go to California."

Me - "Oh..."

Harrison - "I like milk. (pause)  Cows.  (pause)  Happy cows.  (pause)  Happy cows live in California!"

Me - (Again, laughing uncontrollably)  "Really, I did not know that."

When I worked at Bright Horizons we had conferences every year.  Every year the co-founder of the company, Roger Brown, would give an inspirational speech that usually had us laughing at the beginning, sometimes crying in the middle and then thinking deeply by the end about how we could be better people.   One year he talked about his families decision to give up t.v.  He laid out the points about more time for reading, playing musical instruments, being outside, and general togetherness with his family.

We need to do that.  Harrison is out of control.  He really doesn't watch that much t.v. but he picks up EVERYTHING that he watches.  I just don't know that Chris and I can do it.  We like t.v.  I like the news.  I like really poor reality t.v.  And most of all, NCAA basketball has just started!!!!!  We (I) can't live without college basketball!  But, sacrifices are going to have to be made.  This can not continue.  

We just got a DVR, dammit!!!!!!

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