Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow shoveling and naps

Aren't my boys perfect?!!!

Miles wins the photo of the day contest for yesterday.  He was just so cute and I happened to catch it all on film!

First of all he still has nap issues.  No morning naps at my house.  So, by lunch time he is exhausted.  Well, yesterday he didn't make it to bed before the sandman found him.  I have never had a child fall asleep in the high chair.  You always see pictures of it but not my kids.  I had walked into the kitchen to get refills of something and Harrison said "Mom, come look at Miles."  Isn't he cute!!!

So it has been snowing in Iowa.  And snowing.  And snowing.  But yesterday after it was done snowing it was fairly nice.  Harrison and I decided to go outside to do some shoveling and snowball throwing.  The 3 little boys were all sleeping and I could check the monitor as need be.  Well, we were out there for about 10 minutes when I began to shovel a path to the mailbox. I went past my room and there is Miles pulling on the blinds (note to self - move pak-n-play!) telling me it is time to come in!  It was nice enough outside so I bundled him up and out he came too!  I am thinking that his idea of a good vacation is somewhere tropical with beaches versus somewhere mountainous with snow.  What do you think? 

He really did have a good time outside as is evidence by this picture.
I am not sure why he was so unhappy for the first photo but it gave me a good chuckle!

Harrison, Miles and I had a great time outside, but I think Maddie was even more excited.  She loves the snow when it is warmer.  She runs and jumps and bites at the snow.  Her and Harrison played tag and of course, Maddie always wins!
We did have a snow ball fight and when we got inside, Harrison told me he had fun but that the next time we had a snowball fight it would be the biggest, bestest snowball fight ever.  And he would win.  

I have no doubt.  I have no doubt!

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