Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear America, Harrison will save the economy

I am torn.  Most of me knows that this has to stop.  The rest of me is laughing too hard to care.  

Harrison is enthralled by commercials.  He is constantly repeating the commercial or telling me how much I probably want to go there.  

"Mom, you really want that, don't you?  I want that too.  I really love IHOP."

"Mom, you have to see this.  You want that don't you?  Are you going to get those?"

"Mom, I really want Bendaroos.  Aren't they cool?  I could use them for so many things!"

Well, today was the funniest of them all.  I was in the kitchen during nap time.  Everyone was asleep except for Harrison.  He comes into the kitchen and said:

"Mom, do you have gold jewelry gathering dust?  You can send it in for money.  And the gold kit is FREE!"  

I was biting my sweatshirt and it still didn't work.  I answered him by laughing, quite loud, and said that I would check.  I couldn't believe that he had repeated the commercial almost perfectly.  And then, about 10 minutes later he said:

"Mom, if your carpet has something sticky on it, don't clean it.  Resolve it!  We should get that shouldn't we?"

The power of persuasion works well with him.  At least if the t.v. is doing the persuading!

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jenvan said...

Oh my gosh! That is so funny! Think what a wonderful memory he has -- come on you have to think positively! My kids repeat the Bendaroos commerical ALL the time, but Harrison definately takes it to a new level! Funny guy!