Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't Forget...

Please don't let me forget the way that Bennett:
  • laughs almost just like Harrison did when he was that age.
  • takes my finger to lead me to where he wants me to go.
  • and Harrison shout "Daddy, Daddy" and jump up and down at the door when Chris gets home from work.
  • coughs just so he can cover his mouth.  And then when he really has to cough he forgets to cover his mouth.
  • jumps.  He gets serious air.  Someday when he is all of 5 foot 0 inches he will make millions dunking the ball on 7 footers and share with his mama!
  • the sound that Bennett makes when he is excited and running about.  
  • only swings his right arm when he is excited and running about.
  • can't use his 's' sound in words but can talk like a snake perfectly!
  • wants everything to be orderly.  This is Will's water.  This is Miles' toy.  No you can't drink that, it's Harrison's!
  • wants to help Daddy with everything.  And Daddy is never annoyed! :)
  • loves his grandpa's.  Someday it will be your turn too grandma's!
  • wants to be just like his big brother.

Please don't let me forget the way that Harrison:
  • is still so innocent.  "Why is that lady short?  Why is he crying?  Why, why why?"
  • LOVES to play hide-n-seek.
  • loves to be scared by us but hates to be scared  by movies.
  • giggles when he is being tickled and says "Stop, stop" and then when you stop he says "Tickle me again!"
  • makes everything into a race.  So annoying yet so cute!
  • sings and talks to himself when he is on the toilet.  Hehehe! :)
  • can remember everything.  Commercials, songs, conversations you don't want others to hear...
  • gets disappointed when he doesn't get to say good-bye to Will, or Miles, or Ian.  "But I wanted to let them know I care!!!!"
  • is too smart for his own britches.  "I turned the t.v. off.  I've had enough cartoons and, Mom, too much t.v. is not good for you."
  • has always seemed older than he really is, but he is really just a little boy.

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