Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Much Fun

There is one thing to be said for Iowa weather - sledding!!!  We went sledding today and most of us had a great time.  Harrison thinks that sledding is his new favorite sport.  He goes down the hill with dad, by himself, front-wards, backwards and sideways; sometimes wiping out and laughing the whole way back up the hill.  

Bennett is not sold on this form of entertainment.  Our first trip down the hill was not that successful.  We made it down the hill ok, but his poor little face was just full of snow!  He went down with me and we must have been too far forward on the sled cause we got a snow shower about halfway down.  After that he tried again with Dad, but then that was it.  He just watched.  He has my sense of humor and laughed out loud when a couple of kids wrecked going down the hill.  People falling is funny!

We had a great time and are thrilled that the weather is going to let us be able to go outside and make a snowman this week!!!

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