Friday, January 2, 2009

R.I.P. Elwood

We lost our fish last week.  Poor Elwood had been laying on the bottom of the tank for over a month.  He was breathing, but that was about it.  When he first started laying down there, he would swim away from the net or even try and bite it (which he still could do).  But after awhile, the fight was all gone.  When we left for eastern Iowa on December 19th I told Chris that he had to 'help' Elwood if he wasn't gone by the time Chris left to come back to Davenport.  So, on Tuesday night (Dec 23) Chris got out the net and Elwood didn't fight at all.  He was over 10 years old and I thought that might be pretty old for a fish, but after doing some research, some piranha's live up to 20 years of age.  

I really hope it is not the case, but we got a batch of goldfish about a month before Elwood got sick that had ick.  Ick is a gross, white spot disease that fish can get.  We didn't see any ick on Elwood so we are hoping he just lived his life to the fullest.

When Chris got Elwood, he was about the size of a quarter.  Really small.  He soon got bigger and bigger.    He eventually got to be just a little bit bigger than my hand.  Nice sized fish!  I can't remember how long it was after Chris got him that one of his friends (Scott!) was messing around with Elwood.  He stuck his hand in the tank and was chasing him around.  Eventually Elwood had enough and he turned on Chris' friend and bit a nice sized piece out of his finger.  Very funny and also very bloody! 

As much as I hated the noise that the tank made and the space that it took up, I will miss Elwood.  He was exotic and cool.  Things that Chris and I are obviously not!

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