Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Cake

Last year for Harrison's birthday I asked him what kind of cake he wanted.  He said peanut butter with peanut butter frosting.  I did what I was told and the end result was actually pretty good.  I thought the cake itself ended up a little dry but the frosting more than made up for it.  

This year when I asked Harrison what kind of cake he wanted he said "a dinosaur cake."  Uh-oh.  So on to the internet (god bless the internet) I went looking for dinosaur cakes.  First I had tried the library, but all of the cake books I found had no dinosaurs.  So anyway, Harrison was with me while I was looking and wouldn't you know the first GREEN dinosaur cake that he saw, he wanted!  This was not the easiest one on the site.  I was not thrilled.  And, to top off the challenge, I began to stress about not having a cake plate big enough for this cake.  Then after the 'dumbness' wore off I was able to realize that a sturdy piece of cardboard and tinfoil is what I was in need of.  

So now that we knew what the cake was supposed to look like I asked Harrison what it should taste like.  

"Chocolate.  With Chocolate frosting."  

Ummm, Harrison, I can't make it green with chocolate frosting.  

"Oh, ok... (sad face)"

But it will be green!

"YEAH!!  I love green!"

Luckily the website I found this on came with some instructions and getting the body made was really not that hard.  

The frosting of the dinosaur took forever and I almost ended up with not enough frosting.  If you take a good close look the dinosaur footwear may look a little off to you.  But, you can think it is perfect and not look to close!

I used fruit-by-the-foot for the spikes and chocolate frosting for the eyes.  Those were my ideas!

Harrison was very pleased with the final product and I was glad to have it done with.  I procrastinated until late the night before to finally put the cake together.  

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Tome said...

I am very impressed with your dinosaur cake! What kid wouldn't love that?