Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day

It's still cold here in Iowa.  Having 'childcare' in my home is not really difficult, but not playing outside tends to make it feel that way sometimes.  We are usually outside for at least 2 hours in the morning and then again after nap.  In the spring we even eat outside.  I'm sad all of the sudden...

Anyway, today we brought the outside in.  I went out and got the water table and some water toys.  I got them all cleaned up and then brought in a shovel full of snow.  What fun they had!  Bennett and Will scooped snow and put it in buckets, Harrison made snow molds of crabs and dolphins (warm weather animals!) and Miles, well Miles ate the snow!  

After awhile Miles thought he had enough and he went for some real food.  I guess all that talk of food made Will and Bennett hungry because then they started eating the snow.
Eventually Will got tired of the snow as well and he went to play Cariboo (hidden ball game) so that just left my nature lovers.  They played together like that for over 20 minutes.  What bliss...
Tomorrow we may brave the real outdoors.  It's supposed to be 46!

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