Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Three Kings Day

For weeks now (literally) Harrison has been saying he wants to watch Three Kings Day.  They have been advertising it for weeks (literally) on Nickelodeon.  It is an episode of Dora the Explorer where they celebrate Three Kings Day and Dora, Diego and Boots ride into town on animals wearing crowns pretending to be the kings.  Yesterday Harrison walked into the kitchen talking about going to Nick Jr. dot com to get his crown.  "Can we do that, Mom?  Can we go to dot com and get a Three Kings Day crown."  I told him I would take care of it.  Chris brought one home that he printed off from 'dot com!'

So tonight we gathered around the t.v. with our crowns and watched a very boring episode of Dora the Explorer.  Not that I really want cartoons to be educating my child about Jesus and the epiphany but this episode lacked a lot.  It hyped the holiday as just another day for getting presents and toys.  Go figure.  Kids shouldn't be watching t.v. anyway...
At Sunday School this past Sunday we did learn about the real Three Kings Day, which is today.  That is where Harrison made the crown that Bennett is wearing.  Luckily Harrison didn't connect that the two were related to each other.

For those of you who want to know, Three Kings Day is also known as epiphany and/or the twelfth day of Christmas.  It is the day that the three wise men traveled to meet baby Jesus and bring him gifts.  It is the official end of the Christmas season in the Christian faith.  Class dismissed.

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Emily said...

As well as justification for still having your Christmas tree up until now, as my coworker told me!