Thursday, January 1, 2009

Harrison turns 4

Harrison's birthday was a lot of fun this year.  It seemed like we celebrated for days.  But we kind of did.  His birthday was on a Wednesday so we got up and made him M & M pancakes (a stolen idea from Nathan and Meredith!) for breakfast and then opened presents before Dad went to work.  This turned out to be not such a great idea because one of the presents he got was a giant Lego set and I ended up helping him put it together all day.  Next year we wait until Dad gets home from work to open presents!  I had 3 other children I was supposed to be watching!

During the day Harrison asked me when he got to blow out the candles on his birthday cake: before or after dinner?  Ummmm... I hadn't planned on making a cake for his birthday today and then another for his party!  Scrambling - no cake mix in the house - I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  All from scratch.  Not bad.  Not bad, if I do say so myself!!!  We had delicious cupcakes for dessert after a special taco salad birthday dinner.  At least he has good taste in food!!!

On Friday, he brought treats to school, Snowman Peeps (gross!!) and they had a celebration for him there.  He came home with a birthday crown he had gotten to wear and was so excited that his friends loved Peeps (GROSS!!)!

Friday night, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kaylee came to stay with us.  Gpa Greg and Gma Pam came too, but they stayed at a hotel this time.  Harrison was not so keen on this but then Gma told him she would bring bagels for breakfast and he was excited.  "Plain.  With plain cream cheese!" was his order.

Saturday was the party.  It is our tradition that we always go to Plaza Lanes for Harrison's birthday.  It is sometimes the only time of year we go bowling and we all love to do it.  Although this year they had automated bumpers that only went up when Harrison was bowling.  This made my mother a little sad!

Harrison did great.  He tries to push the ball hard, but it's a heavy ball.  He is much better at making scary faces. 
Bennett LOVED the ball return.  It was like magic, EVERY time.  Kari, Joe and Will came to bowl.  Will was fascinated with the balls and couldn't get it through his head that they were too heavy for him to lift.  Luckily we made it through the morning with no one getting their fingers pinched!  Andy, Claudia and Miles were there as well and Miles. of course, had more than enough smiles for everyone there.

Next it was back to our house for chili and cake.  It seems to be a running theme in our house.  If you come on the weekend and it is cold outside, we are probably serving chili!

We had a great day and Harrison couldn't have been happier.  

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