Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's begun

So Bennett made me a very happy mommy today.  He called me 'Mommy!'  It is way cute.  He has been saying 'Mama' but this is just so much better!  After he said it he could tell I was so proud of him that he kept saying it and saying it and saying it.  Luckily I am not easily annoyed when it comes to these kinds of things.  At least not that often...

Because... he is also saying 'No!'  This just started today as well.  He has been able to say the word but he has chosen not to at all of the appropriate times.  Well, today he began saying no instead of using his hands to ward off the enemies (Miles and Will).  I was so proud and then so annoyed when he told me no.  Oh my.  Never a dull moment!

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