Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chapter Books

When Harrison turned 4 we started reading chapter books.  We read all of the Flat Stanley series and then I floundered a little before I remembered the Magic Treehouse series.  It is a great series of beginner books by Will and Mary Pope Osbourne.  And the great thing about the books is that they have research guides to go with most of them!  So yesterday we read Dinosaurs Before Dark and today we are going to start the research guide that goes with it called Dinosaurs.  Jack and Annie are the two main characters (brother and sister) and in the research guide they tell how much they enjoyed their dinosaur adventure and how they wanted to learn more and then they tell what they learned.  GREAT!  Harrison (like most other preschoolers, I'm sure) is always asking questions.  One of his questions yesterday was about the Cretaceous Period.  Luckily, the research guide dives right into that subject!  I was trying to pull answers from middle school science class, but it wasn't working very well!

Now I just have to make Harrison understand that a chapter book doesn't need to be read all in one sitting.  That's the point of chapters!!!  Maybe today we will make him his own special bookmark!!

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Tome said...

That's good to know! We have the first 4 Magic Treehouse books, and now I'm going to go out and look for the research guides.... Harrison is such a smart little guy.