Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bloody Wii

So the Neipert family got spoiled over Christmas this year and a Wii was delivered from Santa Claus.  It is so fun and I especially love my Wii Fit.  

But - I don't know what it is with Harrison.  We have Wii Sports (bowling, tennis, baseball, etc) and Wii Play (ping-pong, cow racing, air hockey, etc) and then the Wii Fit.  All he wants to play is the one war game we have.  It is on Wii Play and it involves tanks shooting other tanks.  What is it with him?  All we have ever done is force feed him sports and it's like he is turning on us!  He just wants to shoot things.  And the duck hunt game on Wii Play isn't good enough for him either.  All you do on that are shoot targets and clay pigeons.  He wants WAR!  

We don't need any more games right now as we are still trying to master the ones we have but we might have to make a run to Game Stop to pick up Go Diego Go for Wii.  It's not sports and not the game I want (Mario Cart!) but at least I know Diego doesn't shoot anyone (although I would like my turn at Rescue Pack!).

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