Friday, November 4, 2011


The tooth-fairy finally made an appearance at our house last week. I really don't know anything else that Harrison has waited for more than this. His cousin, James, lost his first tooth over a year ago and as Harrison pointed out, "James is like 7 months younger than me!!!" Thankfully Harrison has come to understand that kids grow at different rates and adults come in all shapes and sizes. :)

On Wednesday, I got a text message from his teacher along with a picture. The message asked me if I noticed anything missing and the picture showed a little boy who was just about as happy as he could be. I was a little disappointed that he had lost his tooth at school, but just seeing how happy he was made it all better.

Luckily the tooth-fairy has been saving up for this day for a long time now as well. Harrison's tooth has been loose since the beginning of October! So under the pillow went the tooth at bedtime and when Harrison woke up, there was a shiny $1 gold coin in it's place. What a lucky kid!

P.S. I hope the tooth-fairy has another shiny $1 gold coin. The next tooth is loose, as well!

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