Friday, November 4, 2011


When I started counting my blessings, my whole world turned around. ~ Willie Nelson

I am thankful for my electric blanket. I love my electric blanket.

Graysen - Graysen is thankful for football helmets that can be worn forwards or backwards!

Annabelle - I am thankful I am a jumping bean! (After I change her diaper, she tells me she wants to be a jumping bean and I hold her hands while she jumps on the bed shouting "I'm a jumping bean!!!")

Miles - I am thankful for the caterpillar on the shelf at preschool. I like it.

Caden - I am thankful for kisses from my mommy.

Bennett - I am thankful for your iPhone, Mom.

Harrison - I am thankful for my mommies hugs. (This was being said while he was giving me a great hug before school!)

Christopher - I am thankful for my wife's internal alarm-clock.

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