Friday, November 18, 2011


Dear Lord, I am grateful I am still loved. ~ Vivian Leigh

I am thankful for yarn wreaths. I love making them!!!

Graysen - I am thankful for Elmo. Graysen sleeps with Elmo at my house and recently, when he wakes up, he plays Peek-a-boo with Elmo. "Elmo, where are yoooouuuu?" Too cute!!!

Annabelle - I am thankful for Bennett's aquarium night-light. It's only nap-time, so it's usually light out, but I still can't sleep without it!

Miles - I am thankful for cotton candy.

Bennett - I am thankful for water. I like to drink water. I like to take a bath in water. I love to swim in water. Mom, can we go swimming? Or get the sprinkler out? Can we do that, please?

Harrison - I am thankful for Friday nights and pizza!!

Christopher - I am thankful it's my first day of work this week and it's Friday!!!

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