Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer 2011

Fall soccer has come and gone in the Neipert household. We started around the middle of August with practice and our last game was October 29th. It was a busy season as it was Bennett's first year of soccer and Chris was one of his coaches and it was Harrison's first year in the U8 league of more rules and regulations.

Here are my boys before their first big games.

I can't believe I am so lucky!

I love this picture! They are so happy. Is it just me or do they not look like each other at all?!?!

Harrison's team was named The Tornados and they were wonderful. We knew most of the kids on his team. Johnny, of course, and then there was Mason and Gabe from his baseball team this spring. We also knew Joseph because he goes to school with Johnny. Rounding out the team were Oliver, Drew and Sam.

Here they all are bringing it in at the end of their last game. "Go Tornados!"

Of course Harrison was the best on the team! I mean, what else do you expect me to say?! But, honestly, Harrison was great. He tried hard, hustled all the time and even scored a few goals along the way. The challenge they faced this year was trying to stay in their positions. Harrison was pretty good at getting all over the field and going to the ball. He was not great at staying back in the sweeper position. There he had to fight the urge to go to the ball until it came back down to his part of the field. He just wants the ball!!! I am no photographer, but here are a couple of action shots.

What form he has!

He he is behind Johnny and Drew. This is a time where he was playing the sweeper position.

We are so proud of him and his interest in soccer. He can't wait for next spring when they start again. This year was definitely a learning year as some of the teams were second year U8 teams and we were a first year U8 team. But whether we scored goals or not, Harrison had a great time. So much of a great time, he think he doesn't want to play baseball in the spring. Just soccer. Chris is inwardly crying.

Just when you think it won't happen, Bennett got old enough for soccer. But, contrary to his brother's love of the game, Bennett doesn't seem to think he wants to play ever again.

Bennett's team was called Maroon 6. Maroon shirts, 6 players. Funny stuff! The boys on Bennett's team were all new to us. There was Tomas, Tommy, Joe, Bennett, Ethan and Sam. Here they are after the last game with Coach Gary.

Bennett tried hard for almost all of the games. One game, Chris was there and it was cold and he had cold hands. Since his hands were cold he didn't want to play. Ugggg... We talked about commitment to the team and compromised that he would sit on the sidelines and watch his team. He did just that even though he thought I should have taken him home! Most of the time, Bennett just ran around in the area that the ball was. He never really got in there and kicked to much, but he was off chasing butterflies either! He did score one goal and it was at his first game (that I missed!). I did give him the 'Spacing Award' for the season though. :)

Bennett getting to kick the ball off with Sam.

Coach Gary brought oranges for halftime for almost every game. This was Bennett's favorite part!

Time will tell if there is soccer in Bennett's future. Currently he doesn't want to play baseball, play soccer, go to camp or do anything that involves kids and adults he doesn't know. Spring might be the first time I 'push' one of my children into doing something they don't want to do. I don't mind Bennett not wanting to do something, but I do mind being too shy to not get involved in something you love. He loves soccer and baseball at home...

I am happy that the seasons are over. Last night was the first Wednesday in 3 months that we didn't have practice!

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