Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dolphin Whisperer

They love me! They really love me.

Nathan got the kayak out today.  Nathan, Mom, Meredith and I took turns going out and both times I was out I saw the dolphins.  (They are technically porpoises and not dolphins but whatever...)  The first time I saw them, there were two and I was close enough to actually see one of their eyes. It was so cool.  Being out on the ocean in a kayak is a surreal experience. The ocean was really calm today so I just sat there and floated.  There were pelicans that were dive bombing for fish, fish were jumping and the dolphins were coming to me!!!!!  The second time I went out there was only one dolphin but it was so close to me that I heard it's blow hole and I think I actually felt the spray from the blow hole.

There I am.  Not a great pic, a little fuzzy, but it proves I was out there!  Wish there were some dolphins in the shot!

Meredith was a little sad she didn't get to see any dolphins.  

Mom!  Come back!

Mom and I could have stayed out there all day.  Like I said before, it was so relaxing and calm.  You kind of had to be careful if you were just sitting there because the currents drifted you towards the sea.  I did this for a few minutes and then realized I was a little further out than I wanted to be! 

My turn!  My turn!

The second time Nathan went out he got really close.   He was with in 5 - 10 feet of 3 dolphins. Very cool!  We were all standing out in the water with the kids and we could see them pretty well also.

After that the kids and Nathan built a great sand castle.  They had a great time.  Bennett and Kaitlyn filled the buckets and Harrison and James built the walls.  

Don't James and Nathan look proud?  Everyone else would also but they were too busy complaining about the sun in their eyes!  

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