Monday, June 22, 2009

Plane Ride

We are in Florida!!!!!  And it's too hot!  I hate to complain, but my goodness, it's really hot.  

We got to the airport on time and my dad and Chris were there to send us off.  Bennett is finally at a saying goodbye stage.  Up until now he has just stood there and looked at you and sometimes waved.  Now he finally says goodbye and does so with gusto!  

Of course Harrison was very excited. 
He knew we were going on a trip and with three days left to wait he finally could hardly contain himself.  "How many days until we leave for Florida?" he would ask.  "Three" I would answer.  Then a couple hours later he would ask again.  Same answer.  I think I told him 4 times that day that we still had three days to go!  Friday I was able to distract him a little since on Saturday we were going to Brody and Nathan's house to play and then to a hotel to spend the night with Gpa and Gma Neipert.  (Busy weekend!)

So, finally on the plane.  My mom was sitting with Harrison in one row and I was sitting with Bennett in the row behind them.  Everyone was excited.  As the plane was going down the runway Harrison was smiling from ear to ear.  Meanwhile, Bennett was deciding that this was not such a good idea and maybe we should go home.  
As the plane is actually leaving the ground Bennett gets a very scared look in his eye and says "No plane, no plane!" while waving his little hand in front of him.  I thought we might actually have an issue that would involve screaming and crying.  But, luckily I was able to comfort him just enough that by the time the plane was off the ground he wasn't scared anymore.  We think what scared him most was the loud noises.  We were sitting right above the landing gear and it was a little noisy.  So when that all quieted down he was a little more accepting of what was going on.  

The flight was fairly uneventful.  Bennett played with a puzzle and a little magna-doodle pad and Harrison looked at his new Highlights magazine and Brain Quest trivia game that he loves.  
The descent was another story.  Harrison is still excited.  He can't wait to see James and also can't believe that ALL of these people are going to Florida.  Where are they going to stay?  Bennett suddenly has a look of terror in his eyes.  He starts to cry a little, but Gma is right next to him (we had switched seats) and calms him down a little.  As the decent gets louder, Bennett's eyes get bigger.  Soon he is yelling "Stop, plane!  Stop, plane!"  and I am trying not to laugh.  Gma is as close to him she can get and he is reaching for her hand. Finally we land and Bennett lets out the breath that he has been holding for the last 3 minutes.  He starts off on a tirade of "Stop, plane - too loud!  And bumpy!" among other things that we couldn't really understand.  He was adamant that we understand how upset he was and how naughty the plane was.

Nathan was there to pick us up and James was waiting up for us when we got home.  I can't believe they got to sleep at all but I wasn't surprised when they were up at 6:23 am.

I have already lost my hearing and am ready for nap and it is only 7:30 am!  Let the fun continue!

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