Monday, June 22, 2009

Zoo Camp

Harrison had a great week at zoo camp.  It was week with Madagascar.  They learned things like where Madagascar was, what animals lived there and what animals the Blank Park Zoo had that were from Madagascar.  He fed a giraffe, some fish and penguins!  He said the giraffe feeding was the most fun - the giraffe tongue was a little scary though!  They got to ride the train and he made friends with his buddy Sam.  Overall it was a good week and he had a great time.    

Monkey mask

This is a picture of Harrison with most of his crafts.  They made a hat, a giraffe hand magnet, a drum, a monkey mask and a book that documented his week.

As you can see Harrison was holding his hands out to show me his creations.  I guess Bennett thought it was the thing to do so he stepped in front of Harrison and he showed me his hands!

It was a little weird for Bennett.  He was really concerned about where Harrison was.  This was the first time that we had dropped Harrison off somewhere and Miles or Will were not there to distract him from his loneliness!  Every morning when we left the zoo and go into the car he asked 'Where's Harrison?'  By the end of the week it was very comical.  We walked Grays Lake a couple of days and one day Miles and Claudia walked with us.  It was fun seeing Claudia and Miles.  Miles got his hair cut he looks like such a little boy!  Before he was still so babyish in his look and now he's so grown up!  Children - STOP growing!  We also did some shopping and just hung out.  It was nice bonding time!  

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