Saturday, June 13, 2009

I do what you do

We are currently riding a fine line between brotherly love and brotherly annoyance.  Bennett and Harrison are finally starting to play together in the real sense of the word.  They both get out their cars and pretend to zoo them down some imaginary track.  They both are pirates saving me from mortal danger.  They take turns hitting the baseball off of the tee and shagging it for the other person.  That has been great.  Very fun to see and fun to watch.  True playmates.

Then there is the annoyance.  Bennett wants to do everything that Harrison does.  This is very normal.  He is imitating an older child.  Mimicking his play.  Wanting to be just like his big brother.  Harrison normally handles this pretty well.  It's all about attitude.  And I seem to be pretty good at modeling that for Harrison lately.  What hasn't been going well is when Harrison thinks that Bennett has a great play idea and he wants to take over.  Bennett wants no part of this and seriously gets annoyed at Harrison for invading his space.  This seems to happen a lot.  And usually with age-inappropriate things for Harrison.  Toys and games he is well beyond, he just wants to play because Bennett is doing it.  It drives me mad!  Yesterday it was the wooden puzzles that I set out for Bennett while Harrison was playing with cars.  Today it was the hammer/ball toy that Bennett brought up from downstairs.  I just didn't expect Harrison  to want to do the things that Bennett does.  I was expecting the other way around.  So now I am contemplating how to deal with this issue of child development without someone calling DHS.  Tata for now!

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