Saturday, June 6, 2009


James spent the night again with us last night.  Bennett LOVES this.  It means that he gets to sleep in the office in the big bed.  And it takes him forever to get to bed because he is rolling around with all of the room he has.  Really cute!

Anyway, I got all three boys to bed and was sitting down to read my book.  I expected Harrison and James to do a little talking and giggling, but I wasn't prepared for "Mom!"  "Mom!".  I got up and went into the bedroom.

Harrison - "Mom, I am really tired and want to go to sleep.  But James won't stop laughing."

James - (giggling) "I'm sorry Harrison, you are just so funny!" (more giggling)

As I stifled my laughter, I politely asked James to try and be quiet and shut the door.  Harrison was asleep about 3 minutes later.  I guess he was telling the truth!  

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