Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Will it Last?

The kids are getting along.  Can you believe it?  I really can not.  I mean, I know they are good kids and James and Harrison are old enough to work things out, but still, incidents happen, right?  

Well, we have been almost incident free!  I have never seen 2 year olds share like Bennett and Kaitlyn.  We encourage them of course, but then they listen!  They take turns and hand each other toys.  It is adorable!  And I think they really like each other.  They are always smiling and giggling and playing together.  Although I do think that Kaitlyn is a little more social than Bennett.  She often flocks to what James and Harrison are doing while Bennett is content to hang out by himself.  Today, James, Harrison and Kaitlyn were running around in the dining area and Bennett was in the living room playing by himself with race cars.  They were laughing and making tons of noise and Bennett was content just to sit and be by himself.  

Harrison and James are doing great.  They love staying in the same room and playing together.  They run, laugh, chase and make plans together.  There have been a couple of times where Harrison's anger has gotten the best of him but it hasn't lasted very long as he figured out that it was more fun to play than to be angry!

Swimming has been the big hit.  Of course it has been almost unbearable hot here so if we are outside, we are in the pool.  Harrison LOVES the water and unfortunately has no fear.  I have had to "save his life" (his description!) twice so far.  He jumps on the rafts and noodles and doesn't always make sure he will land securely where he can grab ahold.  AND then there is the fact that he doesn't try to save himself!  The funniest time this happens is when he steps off of the steps and he doesn't stand on his tip toes.  He just stands there.  Under water.  I really wish I knew what he was thinking.  We keep telling him he needs to bounce up and down and ask for help, but it's like he just doesn't want to.  Very funny and very scary!  

Bennett just might be a bigger fish than Harrison.  He loves to jump into the water to me.  And he loves it most when I let him go under before and catch him.  He comes up sputtering and laughing with the cutest little look on his face.  I am getting getting a little worried about the next time we are at the pool in Des Moines.  What kind of risks are we going to be taking?!?!

And the sharing and general politeness continues in the pool.  Everyone takes turns jumping into the pool and everyone asks to take turns on all of the different floaties.  Maybe I should stop commenting on how good things are going.  We do have 7 more days before we leave!

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