Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Stuff

I took care of 8 week old Cale for seven days the end of last month.  And even though it was only seven days and he was only 8 weeks old, I decided to haul in a bunch of baby stuff I might need.  Let the fun begin.  My big babies had more fun than the real baby!

Harrison and Bennett actually fought over the swing.  Hand to hand combat.  I guess Bennett was victorious this go round.

But don't you forget who was the first and who is still the biggest baby of the house.

Miles didn't want anything to do with the swing or bouncy chair, the Boppy was his best friend.  He even went and got that for story time one day!  It was too cute watching him position the Boppy so that he could sit in it and watch me.

Of course, big brother Will was too cool for all that baby stuff.  He is a big boy and will not be told differently!  (I can feel the coolness radiating from him!)

Here is the real baby.  Isn't he precious?!?!  So cute and such a good baby!

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