Saturday, June 13, 2009


I took the boys on a picnic to Margo Frankel Woods State Park the first weekend James was here.  We started out at the grocery store.  My kids have never had Lunchables so I decided that might be fun to try.  Turns out James hadn't had them either so it was a good choice.

When we got to the park Harrison wanted to go on a walk.  James didn't want to go on a 'safari' so we compromised and decided to go on a 'safari' after lunch.  Off to the playground.  Small playground but fun never-the-less.  Harrison is really into those bars that you hang on to and then get pushed to ride back and forth.  Bennett and James did the slides and then it was time for the sand.  Digging, building, knocking over, finding sticks.  So much fun in a sand box!

After that it was time for lunch.  The Lunchables were a big hit.  I also got some Cheeto's and bananas.  I think James won the 'More food than I should be able to eat' award for the day as he ate his Lunchable, 1/2 of Harrion's, some of Bennett's, a whole banana, lots of Cheetos AND two cookies.  I don't think he ate supper!

Our 'safari' was nice.  We didn't go far which disappointed Harrison but naps were needed and it was time to head to Gpa and Gma's.  

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Meredith Wilcke said...

Oh thank you for putting up all these pictures and stories. I absolutely love them Beth! Can't wait to see you guys, and be part of the fun this time! ;)