Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're home!

We got off the airplane yesterday and both boys ran into Grandpa's waiting arms.  It was good to be home.  

Leaving Florida was hard.  Kaitlyn cried; not so much because we were leaving (although I know she misses her Aunt Beth terribly!) but because she couldn't get out of her car seat when Meredith dropped us off!  James and Harrison were sad and didn't understand why we couldn't stay "just one more day!  I promise we can leave tomorrow.  Just one more day!"  We had such a good time and it was hard to leave, but home was calling.

The plane took off at 2:00 pm so I was looking forward to 2 boys napping most of the way.  Harrison was by the window, I was in the middle and Bennett was on the aisle.  I got Douglas out of my bag and they both lay their sweet little heads in my lap.  The good child was out in less than 5 minutes.  The rowdy one was, well rowdy!  He thought it was really cute to lay on my lap and tell Douglas to go night-night and then giggle and try to roll over and then lay back down and pretend to close his eyes and pretty much do EVERYTHING not to go to sleep.  I tell you what!  So instead of me getting to read my 2 new magazines and maybe even take a nap myself, I entertained my precious 2 year old as long as I could before I broke out the snacks.
 Skittles? :)

Harrison woke up after about an hour and he was ready for snacks as well.  
Harrison decides on fruit snacks.  Now, fruit snacks are fruit snacks, right?  I guess not.  Bennett had a package of Target brand fruit snacks.  I had brought these from home.  He hadn't eaten his on the way down.  Harrison had a package of Mott's fruit snacks from Aunt Meredith's pantry (I happen to like this kind very much).  He had eaten his favorite Target brand fruit snacks on the way down to Florida.  Why am I making you read a silly story about fruit snacks you ask?  Well, about 3 fruit snacks into his little bag Harrison gags and throws up all over himself!!!  He doesn't like this kind is his explanation.  I don't have a change of clothes for him so I am trying to get him as clean as possible with wet wipes.  AND just as he throws up, the pilot turns on the seat belt sign meaning we are supposed to stay in our seats and not visit the bathroom to clean up said puke!  Uggggg.  I get that all cleaned up and the boys engaged in activities when Bennett looks at me and says "Poopy. Mommy.  Poopy."  Are you serious?  

Did I mention my mom is sitting a row back from us and next to the window?!?! 

Side note: I have rules.  No pooping at the dinner table - this was true for breast and bottle as well as current situations and no pooping on airplanes!  What doesn't Bennett understand?!?!

So I gather my gear (thank you Meredith for making me take 2 diapers) and head to the tiny airplane bathroom at the back of the plane.  Ummm, changing table?  No.  The steward is nice enough to help me put the seat down and set a garbage bag across the seat.  Comfortable.  NOT!  Bennett is too long and squirming all over the place.  I get him to lay still and begin the task at hand.  Do you remember that Harrison has thrown up and I used wet wipes to clean him up?  Yeah - I am dangerously close to running out of wet wipes.  But, luckily I get the job done.

When I left for the bathroom, Harrison was crying because I wouldn't let him come along.  So am I surprised to see my mother standing in the aisle next to the bathroom in the front of plane?  No, not really.  He just HAD to go to the bathroom.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful.  Bennett played with his puzzle book and Harrison did Sponge Bob Sudoku while I enjoyed a few pages from Real Simple.  Ironic how nothing about this flight was real simple!  Bennett was a more experienced flier this time and knew what to expect with the loudness and the bumpiness.  But being the talker that he is, he let us know about the loudness and the bumpiness just the same.

The best part of being home was Bennett running into his room and saying "My bed!  My bed!"  How cute is that?

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